15 September 2008

assigning my own homework

My life has taken off to a different route in the last few weeks. My internship with BYU finished off nicely, and I have deferred my graduate program for a while so my available time has expanded and my possibilities with it.

I have found that it is necessary to assign myself tasks to keep me occupied with things to do and prevent the early onset of dementia (assuming I don't already have it).

Here are some things that I have assigned myself to do in the last few weeks:
  1. Join an ultimate frisbee team
  2. Replace my defunct cell phone
  3. Eat healthier food
  4. Climb Cascade Mtn.
  5. Find out how to replace a car starter
  6. Listen to BYU football domination
  7. Take my sister out for lunch
  8. Play more chess
  9. Think about getting a job
  10. Attend a missionary lesson with a friend
  11. Hike a slot canyon
  12. Save money
  13. Spend money
  14. Visit my grandparents
  15. Go to the temple
  16. Digest some In N Out Burger
  17. Pray more often
  18. Visit old friends
  19. Visit new friends
So, thats the glory of assigning your own homework. Its a blast, I highly recommend retirement to other single males that aren't using their college degrees at the moment.