18 March 2009

Instructional design

For those of you who don't know what instructional design is, you are wrong. You actually do. We all know what it is, but some of us don't know what to call it, or even recognize it when it happens.

Here is a decent definition of instructional design.

Most people participate in instructional design on a regular basis. Parents are the ultimate instructional designers. If you have ever tried to teach something to somebody, you have (albeit perhaps a bit unconsciously) done some instructional design.

Instructional design is something I do all the time. Lets call it one of my favorite hobbies (mostly because I am not getting paid yet to do it professionally yet). I enjoy it, and am getting better and better with each formal try.

Here is my latest attempt. This is a simple method for creating a meaningful scripture study with a ordered string of connected goals to use the method with. I worked it out in mind for those of us who need to rediscover the power of scripture study. I'd love some feedback, especially if you want to try it out with me.

16 March 2009

quote of the yesterday #4

An exchange from last night's unsolicited reading time commentary:

Allison: "Puberty."
Brian: "Pirate puberty?"
Louis: "Hmmm. Hits you like a freight train."

11 March 2009

Quote of the yesterday #3

Other hiker: "Good day for snowshoes! How far back in the canyon did you go?"
Me: "Follow the trail until there is only one set of tracks and then follow those tracks until they stop. About that far."

06 March 2009


I got into grad school...again.

But this time I am actually going. (I just hope I can pay for it!)

Take a look at what I will be studying.

04 March 2009


Most of you know that I am into family history. Something awesome happened in the last few days that I am completely stoked about:

I crossed the Atlantic!

(Well, more precisely, my great-great-grandparents did back in the 1860's)

But I finally traced a few of them back to England before they did and now am rocking the proverbial family tree with some serious genealogical research. You have no idea, I actually had how to use the olde microfiche records (which of course I taught myself since all the FHL folks had gone home at 10:30pm and I was dying to take a look at some old parish records).

So yeah, I am a happy camper in late-industrial Lancashire for the time being.