31 October 2009

Orcs Orcs Orcs!

For those of you who don't know my current roommate, he is a full -time cool roommate, part-time cool film maker guy. He works on films in multiple capacities (e.g. writer, art department, visual design) and loves his craft.
His latest project is titled Orcs! Orcs! Orcs! If that isn't the coolest name for a film you have ever seen I will buy you a pizza. Seriously. Think about it, what kinds of images flood your mind as you ponder that name? Whisper them with me...orcs, broken shields, magical adventure, orcs, mud, Lord of the Rings, pointy teeth, orcs, death, destruction, sweet awesomeness... Orcs! Orcs! Orcs! How could a movie with this title NOT be amazing????

Without question, this film is one that will inherit one of two destinies:
  • Capture the minds and hearts of the American public for generations to come
  • Go completely unnoticed by the masses except by Japanese sci-fi channel enthusiasts
Which side will win? You and I must decide.

This guy knows what team he is on! Team Orcs!

Check out these resources to help sway your allegiance:



Anyways. A bunch of my friends were cast as extras and we are super stoked to see the film when it is "released" to a small theatre in Utah Valley early next year. Until then, my buddy is waiting to get royalties checks from all the cable networks that will pick this one up in one to two heart beats.

26 October 2009

cool new internet toy

I might be one of the few who is into stuff like this, but this website proves I'm not alone.


Word density analysis made easy! You should try it out.

24 October 2009

Operation: Classroom Decor

Yesterday the academic director of my school handed me a check for 200 bones...cash money.

However, there was a catch. Here is how the conversation went down.

P: "Here is a check for 200$"

W: "Whoa, thanks! I knew all those times I told the boys to not waste paper would eventually catch up to me with good karma."

P: "Actually, there is a catch."

W: ????? <--- (sully expression of anticipated disbelief)

P: "The CEO wants you to spruce up your classroom with more decor. He wants your room to reflect your personality more."

W: What if my personality is boring and dull?"
(I am the history teacher for crying out loud. Isn't that one of the job requirements?)

P: "Sorry. Sometimes you have to do things at your job that are hard or impossible. I am sure you will manage. Just remember to save your receipts."

W: "What if one of my decorations is a shelf full of history documentary dvds?"

P: -smiles- "I'll think about it. Get a few more things besides that though."

So, I need suggestions on what to decorate my history class with that reflect my personality. I already have put together a small list:
  1. American flag that is roughly the size of a small soccer field. (Every history class needs one of those)
  2. This picture.
So that still leaves me with about 167$. What else should I get. My classroom is only about 20'x22' so a merry go round is out. That's about all I got.

22 October 2009

reading my blog is good for you

"I've been sayin' it. For ten ----years I've been sayin' it. Ain't I been sayin' it, Miguel? Yeah, I've been sayin' it. "


ps 10 points to the first one who can name the film quoted above.

20 October 2009


Did my first route ever at a rock climbing gym today with one of my boys.

Learned the true meaning of:
  • V-1
  • "bump"
  • bulging forearms
...and it only cost me one blister.

18 October 2009

new words

A long time ago, I graduated college and went to work with my pal up in Washington state. We painted parking lots...at night...all night...for loads of cash. We would keep ourselves sane by chatting in the truck as we drove from job to job. Sometimes we would make up words to fit the nature of the conversation, with little regard for the English language. One of my favorites went something like this:

7:20pm Kent, WA

W: "Dude, where are driving to first tonight?"

B: "Everett or Bellevue. I vote we go north."

W: "Fine by me. (they are both north) Freeway it is."

B: "Aaaggghhhh, curses. The freeway is piznacked!"

W: "Sure enough sucka, we're in a tight spot. Good thing we are on the clock."

Yeah. I used the word piznacked the other day in another conversation. The other person with whom I was conversing did not have a clue what I meant. I thought I would elaborate per blog.

What other cools words have you/we made up?