29 June 2011

Quote of the Yesterday #9

Me: ...and that is how we get the amendments to the US Constitution.
Boy: I don't get it.
Me: What don't you get?
Boy: If they want to change something to the Constitution, why don't they just go in and do it? Why do they have to create all these extra amendments? Isn't that just wasting paper?

Me (thinking): Oh MS Word, what have you done to us?

24 June 2011

Summer of Culture

cul·ture (klchr)
Noun: Enlightenment and taste acquired by intellectual and aesthetic training. Acquaintance with the fine arts, humanities, and broad aspects of science.

Things I have Done This Summer So Far...

Read Les Miserables
Saw Les Miserables
Went to where a good portion of Les Miserables takes place

Made/consumed a bunch of ethnic cuisine
a real English breakfast...in England

Films of Culture
Castle of Castliostro
12 Angry Men = Awesome classic
Yojimbo 用心棒
The Band's Visit

-learning the finer points of digital photography
-went to the Louvre!
-fitted for a tuxedo

Not a bad start. And its still only June...

20 June 2011

my TA is cool

This summer I got my first full-time TA for my history class. He started last week, and all my grades are current and up to date for the first time in months! It is wonderful. Just another benefit to working at my awesome job.

This afternoon, something crazy happened. I helping one of my boys get caught up during my lunch, and we went a little over time into the last period of school. I asked him which class he was supposed to be in. "English class," he said. I figured I would walk him across the hall to let the English teacher know why he was late.

When we arrived at the door, I turned the latch. It was locked.

I tried my key...it wouldn't open.

We motioned through the little window pane on the door for the English TA to open the door from the inside...he couldn't make it unlatch.

We were locked out...and they were locked in!

Luckily, the CEO was walking down the hallway and I snagged him and informed him of the situation. A locksmith was called, and it didn't take long in my small school for word to get around that the folks in English were locked in.

Meanwhile, my TA got a piece of paper, some tape and a sharpie and posted this message on the window pane of the English class facing inward.


I'm glad the man has got a sense of humor.

05 June 2011

Summer 2011 Photo Stash

Click on the picture of me and the tulips to see some photos of my Europe trip.

Click on the canyon to see some of my recent excursions in Utah.