31 October 2008

a small favor for Tuesday (Prop 8)

Alma 37:6-7 teaches us a profound principle that I am learning to trust more and more as my life rolls on.

If you read my blog, and know anyone besides me that is from California please do me a favor and place a phone call, e-mail, etc. to them and encourage them to vote in favor of Prop 8 this next Tuesday. Just a quick note/call to even the most casual of acquaintances can assist in helping to support this important measure. Feel free to refer them to my earlier posts or to protectmarriage.org, preservingmarriage.org, or any other forum that discusses this issue in an honest, open, and positive light. Remember to simply express your personal convictions and ask them to carefully weigh theirs and not be swayed by outside pressures that unjustly skew the matter.

It might be small, it might be simple, but it will be great!

Thanks, I owe you one.

28 October 2008

Math is delicious

28 Oct 2008
1:41pm MDT

Avocados were on sale for 33 cents a piece today.

I came home with nine of them an hour ago.

Now there are six left in the fridge.


27 October 2008

prop 8 video updates

Good news! My absentee ballot came in the mail last week and I am about to send it off.

preservingmarriage.org has recently posted some very well done video spots featuring CA young adults expressing their viewpoints of Prop 8. This site is an official website of the LDS Church and shows the quality of media that can be produced in aims of expressing the viewpoints of the church and its membership.

Here is a cool video posted by a fellow from my hometown catching some candid viewpoints of Prop 8 supporters in SoCal.

May I point out the particularly handsome chap 7:35-8:30 on this video. Not only is he responsible for half of my chromosomes, but he is a great example of the force for good we can be if we are involved. (and if we get up early before rush-hour traffic)

PS: Please also take notice at the subtle shot at at my marital status cleverly slipped in at 7:51. :) I won't take offense, but only because Pop managed to get posted on YouTube before I did. (a great moment in my life I might add)

16 October 2008

In memoriam...

To BYU's perfect season:

It was a nice dream, but simply just that.
We started with grace, then just fell flat.
Who knows what happened,
Was it just a fluke?
I threw up a prayer,
then bent over to puke.

Here's to next season fellas. 2009 could be divine.

wake up, gear up, stand up (Prop 8)

Hello everyone. Hope you all watched the debates last night and had a good chuckle at the constant references to "Joe the Plumber." Gear up for some immanent hilarious SNL flak on that one! I was amused at how much face time was given "Joe" by John McCain considering Barack Obama actually discovered the man. I'm pretty sure Obama should demand some royalties from the whole bit. Yes, yes, royalties in the form of electoral college votes.

Anyhow, irregardless of whom you choose to vote to take the highest executive position in the land, please be aware of one of the most important matters hitting the books on Nov. 4th: Proposition 8. Let me introduce you to this measure, and why you should be in favor of it passing. Wake up to the facts.

-Fact 1: In the 2000 general election, over 60% of the voting population of the great state of California choose to define marriage in a statute called Prop 22. The text of the statute was only 14 words:
"Only marriage between a man and a woman is valid or recognized in California."

-Fact 2: Earlier this year, the 4 out of 7 judges in the California Supreme Court overturned that measure as unconstitutional and instantly changed the social landscape of California.

-Fact 3: In this 2008 general election, Proposition 8 will seek to revise the CA state constitution to define marriage as stated above. It will differ from a statute (which is vulnerable to the judicial review/nullification) and directly change the state constitution to affirm the foundational view that the institution of marriage is reserved only for a man and a woman.

-Fact 4: This proposition does not attack the civil or legal rights already claimed by homosexual partnerships. Such unions already enjoy the same legal rights (e.g. joint ownership of property, tax status, etc.) as traditional married heterosexual couples. Proposition 8 only seeks to preserve the status of traditional marriage as exclusively between a man and a woman.

Those are the facts. Gear up for my reasons. Stand up for yours.

Reason #1: Why everyone should be involved on this issue. California bred or not, this is an alarming social issue that should get you thinking about what is going on in our nation right now. Not just interesting trends in opinion, but clear legal stances on what we as a society accept or reject. Yesterday it was Massachusetts. Today it is California. Tomorrow it will be the United State Supreme Court (yet another important reason that should weigh heavily in your vote for US President as he appoints our Justices). You need to make up your mind as to what your values are in regards to the family as the basic unit of our social fabric, and how you personally will advocate those values in all arenas. One thing is certain, that which we strive to believe but fail to advocate will be weakened. Don't stand on the sidelines. Know what you believe, and why you believe it (even if you don't have to formally vote for it in 19 days).

Reason#2: If 4 judges can instantly change the social landscape of a state without the clear ratification of the populace, then we need to check such action with our united voice. Democracy is great when it is exercised properly, so lets do it! Obviously, the judges would not have overturned the measure except without some strong pull from the dissenting minority. What I see is that we have one group of people who are being heard in this matter and one that is not. Lets decide the matter with 100% of the constituents being able to voice their stance. Lets no let a few judges decide the matter for us as a whole.

Reason #3: Getting involved. This is a chance for us as the rising generation to realize how we affect the matters of the world in direct and indirect venues. We need to realize the power of our own individual influence and the potential of a united collective influence. If we understood what we can and need to accomplish as a whole, we would be wasting less of our time and contributing more positively to the world. I claim no perfection in being an exemplar of social/political activity but I am starting to get a glimpse of what we are up against and what our responsibility is to our heritage and our society. Lets use this issue to wake up to a sense of our own power.

To conclude for now, let me be clear as to where I stand in regards to my prior injunction. I accept the family as the fundamental unit of society and a divinely ordained institution. The security of the family is founded primarily in the strength of marriage which I only accept as a solemnized union between a man and a woman. No other alternative form of partnership can replace traditional marriage in its primary role in our society. I support all action aimed to guard and strengthen the family relationship and the institution of traditional marriage. Proposition 8 falls in this category.

Wake up. Gear up. Stand up. Vote YES on Prop 8.

PS: Feel free to comment on this one with additional insights and questions. I will do my best to respond to them.

09 October 2008

Waxing politcal

Ahhh. The great month of November is almost upon us. November is annually filled with many days of importance (e.g. the best holiday ever created by man and the only holiday ever created by me). This year however, November becomes even more power packed with the upcoming General Election. Here is some discombobulated commentary on the matter:

  • Thought #1: Democracy rules! (actually not as trite a statement as you may have first thought)
  • Thought 2: Im disappointed that John McCain's campaign has degenerated into a mud sling. The best effects of general elections are generated by multiple open-minded and forward thinking individuals trying to put their resources into telling us why we should vote for them and their policies/viewpoints. Not by shallow (and in many cases deeply skewed) character attack advertisements shouting to why NOT vote for the other. Let me be frank. I admire Sen. McCain's robust past history of public service. But at this point, he needs to start spitting out some plausible ideas to address the key issues of the United States and not spitting on Sen. Obama's reputation. Both of the men have their own vices. Lets look past their faults for the answers they can help create and implement.
  • Thought 3: I'm also disappointed at Tom Brokaw's less-than-best moderation of Tuesday's debate. C'mon Tom Brokaw..."Yes, or No is Russia the Evil Empire?" What a very foolish and very loaded question (which did NOT come per the supposed "town hall format" I might add) to pose to the two candidates about a very serious situation that should be handled with care.
  • Thought 4: Have you registered to vote yet? If yes: Way to go! If no: Repent...now.
  • Thought 5: No, seriously. If you haven't registered yet, go to your state website and print out a form ASAP. Registering to vote is easy and fast in our modern world. If you are blessed to be a Californian, but cursed to living in another state register to vote absentee today. This election is absolutely critical.
  • Thought 6: YES on Prop 8. If you don't know about this one you should. I will post soon specifically about this one. It has weight not only to CA residents but to the rest of the nation as well.
  • Thought 7: Four state judges should NEVER be able to negate what 61% (or 4 Million) of the voting population in CA voted for. Need I remind them of Thought #1? For more on the ruling see the source.
  • Thought 8: Here is what gets me wondering. Both POTUS candidates are suggesting some very important measures to take in terms of national and foreign policy. I am wondering how much they really will be able to accomplish with such a partisan congress. Will the congressional makeup (or the ability to incite more bi-partisan cooperation) change with this election in a way that will help passing these important measures? Lets hope for the best.

Note: Sorry for all the hyperlinks if that bothers you. My nature (and academic training) tends to regular sourcing and practical application of knowledge. Be it known that many of the referenced sources in this post are not entirely clean of bias, but lets not forget the adage, "Just because I am biased, doesn't mean I am wrong."