18 August 2011

Classroom Funnies #4

Another example of why I love teaching US History class to teenagers.

Student: (with a proud tone)“I just looked up all the presidents who were Democrat, so now I can think worse of them.”

“You are a Republican...aren’t you?”
Student: "Uh-oh."

12 August 2011

destination d.c.

Destination DC 2011

Just got back from a whirlwind trip with some of my favorite people. I can only think of a few moments where we didn't stand still. Here are the highlights of the trip:

Washington DC
This town is a true goldmine for my passion for government and history. I got to see loads of amazing things and experience the best of what the US has as a foundation with some of my amigos who relocated out there.
  • Monuments: Jefferson Memorial, Lincoln Memorial, War Memorials (WWII, Korea, Vietnam), Washington Monument, Arlington Cemetery
  • Houses of Government: The National Capitol building (including the House Floor and the Speakers balcony - Thanks Congressman Chaffetz and Tanner!, Supreme Court, White House, and of course...the phenomenal DC Metro.
The lovely gals I got to travel with!
  • Library of Congress: I even got a researcher card and checked out a book on Bermudian genealogy per my custom at every good library I encounter.
  • Smithsonian
This is the Apollo 11 capsule. It just took man back from the MOON. No big deal.

  • National Archives: Saw the Declaration of Independence. Yes, I did read the actual Preamble to the Constitution of the United States. The Bill of Rights is right there too.

Met up with some fabulous folks in New England and spent a power packed day in Boston. Finally got to go back to the north east and made some new friends at Walden Pond, Sleepy Hollow, and Harvard Square.

Becky at Thoreau's house (or at least a nice replica of his house)
I love New England cemeteries!
Walden Pond
This town is nuts, but amazing. Tons of energy; tons of people; tons of great food places are all to be had in Manhattan. It was blast. We shopped, worshiped, went to a great Broadway show, ran into some friends on the Brooklyn Bridge, got stuck in a rainstorm, and went to the Apple store on 5th that nets 1 million dollars a day.

This show rocks!Manhattan Temple makes 20 Cherie. FYI. :)

All in all, a great little jaunt to the East. If I am not too lazy, I will post all our food reviews.