25 July 2009

Moab Madness

To commemorate the holiday of pioneer-age I decided to dehydrate myself as quickly as possible. The ideal location turned out to be Moab, Utah. Attached are some visual documentations.

12 July 2009

blast from the past

The Mormon Tabernacle Choir just announced a new Associate Director.

I'm no music major, but I'm stoked about Ryan Murphy being installed because he actually directed the only choir I have ever sang in. It was my freshman year in college, and my pal Mikey and I decided to sing in a Chorale group that was open admission (hence how I was accepted). I can say from months of personal experience that we can expect some great things to happen on his account. This man is brilliant. Now its just another reason why I can barely wait till Oct Conference.

10 July 2009

Flash point

I did it.

I finally bought a digital camera.

I know I've talking about it for years....

Now its a reality.

Why did I wait so long?

Lots of reasons.

All of them superficial,

But effective.

Sam tells me that I live an inertial lifestyle.

Maybe he is right.

But not today.

07 July 2009

congrats katie!

I don't know she still follows my blog, but my friend Katie just delivered her first this morning. Congrats Katie and Patrick on your baby girl!

Can you dig it?

Today we had our first dig site for my archaeology class I teach. It was hilarious! I buried like 30$ worth of thrift store antiques in a field that my school owns about three weeks ago, and I took my favorite group of students out there for their first field dig. I have never seen teenage boys enjoy digging around in the dirt for items of equal-or-lesser value than a cheeseburger more than I did today.

After about 20 minutes they started to lose some steam, then I told one of the boys in jest that there might be a slurpee buried another foot underneath where he was digging. The mysterious slurpee was never recovered, but James now has a nice callous and a broken shovel to prove he wasn't going to pass up a chance that it might exist.

Stats for the Dig:
Artifacts recovered: 16
Claims of heat stroke: 204
Actual cases of heat exhaustion: .5
Cubic ft of dirt excavated with 99 cent garden trowels: 8
Boys who now want to become professional Archaeologists: 6/6