18 December 2008

lunch hour of power

Today a few of my friends/roommates and I took the occasion to have lunch together in sharp protest to the snow-laden weather of Provo. It was probably the best lunch hour I have had since my buddy Seth treated me the the Skyroom Cafe and we got Mango-Strawberry smoothies in the middle of the summer.

Indeed, it was so fun, I decided to let you all in on it and describe a few of the details. Enjoy!

The Players:
  • Ms. Harris (the Liar)
  • Kimball (the Getaway Driver)
  • Justin (the Cruise Director)
  • Samisté (the Scrounger)
  • Walker (the Commentator)
  • and Alisha (the purportedly married waitress)
The Scene: Red Robin (located at the Provo Towne Centre Mall)

The Topics: After a lively debate on who was "Cruise Director" and what his responsibilities entail, we head to Red Robin where our heroes engage in a wide variety of topics and activities. Here they are in no particular order:
  • Replacement Roommate
  • Feats of Impossibility (of the following listed, some were actually accomplished and some were only advocated. I'll leave it to you to determine which is which.)
    • Snapping three straws in half consecutively
    • Driving around on the little model stock car asking the waitress for her telephone number
    • Wearing your polo shirt inside out (but not backwards) as a fashion statement
    • Kissing a Parisian
    • Palm Reading
  • The true nature of Grenadine Syrup
  • Proper etiquette of drink ordering
  • Uncle Sam's creator
  • Uncontrollable "yummy noises"
  • The cause of the noise that is heard when snapping your fingers
    • I'll give you a hint: it is not caused by the heat of a thousand suns
  • Zodiac signs
    • by the way, if you are Capricorn, you are basically the embodiment of perfection...just in case you didn't know
  • Word of the Day: Vomit
  • Whether "math" is just a really good trick or actually magic
  • Chaco sandals and their existence in the 50's
  • Real-life Mario Kart

09 December 2008

Coolest Christmas Idea of 2008

I am a big believer in Christmas miracles.

If you read my blog, you also inherently show your faith in miracles (e.g. it would be a true miracle if the 45 seconds you spend reading one of my crazy entries actually persuades you to read another one) and since my blog has had over 1,700 hits with over 400 unique visitors, most of which come back at least once, it pretty much proves that miracles happen. For further reading on the subject, please refer to one of my personal favorite blog posts I have ever written. *Editors note: Does anyone else catch the awesome irony of the last two sentences mixed together? :)

Alas, I digress. Here is the Coolest Christmas Idea of 2008

I know this couple. Lets call them Jon and Kim (since those are in fact their real names). Jon and Kim are perhaps the most adorable family you have ever seen. Jon and Kim would like to expand their adorable family, but are having some challenges. For those of you who have ever had personal experience with infertility, or know someone who has, you can understand how significant of a struggle this has been.

Here is where the idea comes in.

Jon and Kim realized one day that if all of Kim's Facebook friends contributed 20$, they would be able to afford the expensive InVitro/adoption costs. Since Kim has since posted this on Facebook, I have no reservation letting you all in on the awesome idea. However, it would be a true miracle if all of Kim's Facebook friends were able to contribute.

Here is where you come in.

Odds are you don't know Jon and Kim. But I would bet good money that you have an extra 10$ or 20$ you could contribute to a Christmas present for a great couple you neither know nor may ever meet. Isn't that the Coolest Christmas Idea you have heard all year?! Imagine Jon and Kim's surprise when they see tons of people (who they don't even know mind you) helping them on their quest for a Christmas 2009 with an adorable family of three!

Here is where the miracle comes in.

Jon and Kim have created a PayPal account that we can contribute to. Go here to their blog and click on the PayPal link on the bottom that will get you directly to their baby fund. If you don't have a PayPal account, no worries. It will let you contribute with just your credit card information. You may have to put your name down but remember that its all part of the experience for Jon and Kim. Contribute whatever you can, and bask in the fact that you aren't the only one who believes in Christmas miracles or in the scripture Acts 20:35.

I personally think this is a fantastic way to celebrate the true spirit of Christmas both this Christmas season and the even the next. I invite you to join with me in doing something small to be a part of something great. I also invite you to get others involved even if they don't know our friends Jon and Kim.

God Bless and Merry Christmas!