23 December 2010

classroom funnies #3

SAT Grammar- Learning about contraction and apostrophe rules:

Brian: Alright, some one give me an example of a proper contraction on the board.

Boy #1:
(writes on white board) "Don't pee on the toilet seat!"

Hmm. I guess that works. Here Boy #2 you try it out now.

Boy #2:
(writes right underneath) "Don't lie to me, I know it was you."

16 December 2010

Classroom Funnies #2

Another classic from the lunch tables.

Boy #1: My favorite music artists are Justin Bieber, Eminem, Biggy, and Carrie Underwood. Hands down.

Boy #2: Okay. If I gave you a gun, with one bullet, and you had to shoot one of them, which one would you choose?

Boy #1: (long contemplative pause)...I'd shoot myself. I love them all way too much.

01 December 2010

classroom funnies

So we are studying medieval Europe now in World Civ class. Last weekend the boys watched the new Sherlock Holmes film for fun time. Needless to say an action flick like that is still on their minds, and when you teach boys with ADHD, their mind are all over the place.

Here is an exchange that occurred between some sophomores I participated in:

Kid A: "Hey Brian, Sherlock Holmes was real right?!"
Best teacher ever: "Nope. He is just a cool fictional character."
Kid A: "Aw...(crestfallen pause)...I thought he was a real detective."
Kid B: "Don't worry man. Robert Downey Jr. is real though."
Kid C: "Truth."