18 May 2009

"word" to the sur

Dear Louis,

I saw on my Google analytics that someone from Chile checked my blog a few days back. Since you are the only one I know remotely connected to Chile at the present, I just wanted to give you an official hi and hope that you are living it up with the science, shiving, and the siestas.

Rock on bro.

-B Walker

16 May 2009

License to teach

So guess what,

I am a school teacher,

at a high school,

where I teach history,

and have the key to my own classroom.


I just finished the Cold War with my US History/World Civ class and the US Cabinet with my Government class.

I gave my first semester grade yesterday. He got an A-

Ummmmmm, so thats why I haven't been blogging a ton, or at all. Its because I actually am doing something productive and using my college degree for something other than a file separator.

More to come. Send me ?'s and I'll shoot out some answers.