20 June 2009

lawnmover man

Today I mowed a lawn for the first time in like a year. Cutting grass is one of my favorite pastimes for many reasons. When I am overly lazy/tired, all I need to do to get the blood flowing is fire up the mower and take it to town errr....the backyard. Landscaping generally engenders the sweet cocktail of brow sweat and freshly cut grass. A winning combination indeed.

They should seriously make that into a cologne for manly men.

In the event that I have had problems with false doctrine that week, all I do is imagine that each of the blades of grass is a misconstrued claim and I just chop them all up thousands at a time. Okay, maybe I don't really do that, but I COULD, and THAT'S the beauty of lawn mowing.

You should all try this out. Its summer, you got neighbors who have yards and mowers. You got the need for friendly service. You got to make it happen. Trust me.

16 June 2009

Hi friends.

I just wanted you to know that you are swell. Thanks for being a part of my life today. :)


06 June 2009

zions trip may 2009

The bros and I ventured to Zions National Park last month. It was pretty rad to have everyone there with the kiddies and spouses. Stevo took over 600 pictures for us, and combined with B&K, the Pickups and the Allreds we totaled almost a 1,000. Here are some of my favorite:

01 June 2009

"Peace out" to Italia

Dear Robyn, Kristyn, and Abby,

I noticed that someone from Italy dropped by my blog the other day. I have a striking suspicion that it may have been you girls. Hope your trip to has been fun and exciting. Eat some genuine pesto for me! I expect a detailed report and recreation if possible.