22 August 2008

Holy Amazingness!

All I have to say is wow. I'm really glad that Microsoft has finally delivered on a really super idea with lots of practical applications. Lets hope that it only takes a few years to take hold.

First, a little background on the previous statement. For those of you who are not familiar, TED Talks are pretty much one of the premier prophetic voices in the world of technology. If you want to keep up with the emerging developments, read lots of blogs, and watch videos from the annual TED conference.

Below is a link to a really cool one about a tool called Seadragon that has been developed with some help from Microsoft and holds some amazing potential. The other application that is discussed after it is pretty cool too, but is no way as exciting to me.

Check it out:
Seadragon/Photosynth TED Talk

I have only one suggestion for immediate application: restaurant menus. Trust me, it will be big someday. Maybe I will blog this "consumer prophecy" later.

14 August 2008

quote of the yesterday

Yesterday was a good day. I enjoyed a delicious lunch with a friend of mine which included a salad and conversation that incited some much needed New England mission nostalgia.

As the food induced coma was beginning to take effect, the word "nerdy" came up in the conversation. These days words like that can have slightly different connotations depending on who uses them. Naturally, I asked her what the word nerdy meant. She responded with one of the greatest definitions I have heard all summer:

"Nerdy: Loving the pursuit of knowledge to the point of ignoring and/or violating multiple social conventions." -Rachel K