29 November 2008

haha #4

"You shouldn't have picked rock."

-Jenae's commentary on a lost round of paper/rock/scissors

19 November 2008

11,749 feet

Pictures from Mt. Timpanogas.

Thanks B. Robert!

15 November 2008

living life sometimes can end it faster

The festive holiday season will soon be upon us. In addition to comforting fires, fellowship of friends and family, my world is always warmly induced with a holiday treat that contradicts many of my deepest principles: eggnog.

I don't know why I like it so much. Then again, just take a look at some of its prominent ingredients:
  • 22 g of sugar
  • 9 g of fat
  • 10& DV of calcium
Good gravy! (hmmmm...gravy) Why does my body endure, nay enjoy such an attack on its own arteries?! Of course, I have no plausible explanation. I can't even chalk it up to ancient family tradition. My parents dont ever take the drink, and my sisters dont foster near the attraction to the stuff as I do.

Just like a drug addict, I distinctly remember my first experience with eggnog. I was a college freshman living in the BYU dorms. By most accounts, times were good. I ate well, I slept well, and I carried a fashionable 3.2 GPA. We were in the midst of semester finals and were looking to find ways to burn the meal plan account balance that easily accumulated during the last weeks of a busy semester. A group of my chums and I walked down to the Old Creamery looking to spend our fortune, and there it was, in all its on-sale glory.

About 22 hours after I finished the half-gallon carton, I finally fell asleep and was greeted by a host of sugar-induced dreams of holiday wonder and joy. 22 hours later, I woke up to a new world; a world with eggnog. In my freshman ignorance however, I could not concieve that after the New Years sale finished off 3 weeks later, that the world would go devoid of this potent liquid for another 11 months.

Since then my stomach has enjoyed its yearly reunions with the substance know curtly as the "Nog" and delights in its consumption contrary to conventional dietary wisdom. So to all you fellow holiday helpers with high metabolism, I declare: "Bottom's Up"

12 November 2008

Unlikely but effective combinations

Lowfat yogurt & Honey Nut Cheerios
Calculators & Cell phones
November 10th & Christmas Music
Star Wars & The Muppet Show
BYU Alumni & cheering for U of U football last week
Eggs & a dash of Cinnamon
President G.W. Bush & Positive media reports

05 November 2008


I just wanted to write a few congratulations to a few folks.

Props to America.
I don't care who you voted for. Yesterday was an exciting historic event that was impressive to experience. I thought the president-elect delivered a fantastic speech that highlighted some of the dramatic changes that his presidency will come to symbolize. I still claim that he has yet to earn my vote and I'll hold him to what he promises, but I am increasingly and hopefully optimistic. If you haven't read or seen Sen. Obama's speech from last night (I personally think its more inspiring to watch)...you should repent.

Props to California.
I'm glad Prop 8 passed. I still would have been proud to call CA my home state even if it wouldn't have, but I am prouder yet to see that a majority of her voters still care to express their support of a traditional marriage. However, the battle over moral values continues to deepen. Lets keep truckin.

Props to my roommate Sam.
Samiste registered to vote almost a month and a half ago. He didn't receive his absentee ballot until Monday afternoon. The deadline for the ballot to be sent to the LA County Registrar was Tuesday 8pm. Sam overnighted his ballot to ensure his vote was cast and counted. I'm glad he was willing to pay a little more than 42 cents to participate in the democratic process.

Props to my Pops.
Dad got pretty involved this election to campaign for the marriage amendment. My parents have always been a model of good citizenship, but I was glad Dad chose to put in the extra effort to push hard for something he believes in. More important than a ballot measure passing...his character passed.

02 November 2008

Things that totally freak me out as a man...

  • big buzzing bugs...that wont die
  • scratching noises inside your house...walls
  • the infra-red sensor toilet a few stalls down from you that flushes...without anyone using it