01 January 2013

best of 2012

2012 was my first full calendar year with an SLR camera. I took in the neighborhood of 7,000 photographs. This collection includes my most of favorite 1%. Some are my best images, and some represent my absolute favorite moments What makes me happy is that the majority of them were taken with the people I love the most, often within the adventures I cherished most in 2012.

Enjoy. It was a miraculous and fantastic year!


Kristin said...

Hey brotha! You've got some really superb pictuers here. It looks like 2012 treated you well. You should have had that camera years ago.

Raree said...

Fabulous pics of fabulous adventures! Lucky fella. :)

The Hemenway's said...

I love all your photos!! Looks like it was great 2012, hope more fun memories come your way 2013. Keep up the great work Brian.

Tiffany Giraud said...

This might show up as Tiffany, but it is Gavin writing. I bought an SLR a few years ago and understand some of the challenges that you had to overcome to get these pictures. Way to go! Which camera do you shoot with?
I often feel a little bit jealous of the adventures I read that you are having. Not in an envious way, I just think that you are really living life. I am glad that I can live a little bit of that through this blog.